Thank you for taking time to visit Landmark online. On this site you can learn more about us but there’s nothing like experiencing our church in person. We welcome having you as a guest at one of our services or events.

Contact & Service Time

2700 W. Wilcox, Chicago, Illinois 60612
Phone: 773.722.7555
Fax: 773.722.6810

Sunday Schedule:
9:00am Sunday Church School
10:00am Worship Service in Main Sanctuary
10:00am Youth Church & Children’s Worship Workshop for Toddlers*

*3rd, 4th, 5th Sundays, September thru May

Tuesday Teaching and Worship Schedule:
12:00pm Adult Bible Session
6:30pm Youth Bible Study
7:00pm Turn-Up Tuesday Worship & The Word


Christian education helps people win! Our dynamic Christian Education Department teaches people about God, the Christian life and helps believers identify and develop those individual gifts given by God to each of us. Our inspiration comes from Matthew 28:18-20, the Great Commission. Through loving and edifying instruction our goal is to grow you into a disciple that will advance the teachings of Jesus Christ and help equip others to do the work of ministry. 

Sunday Church School (all ages) 

Youth Church (1st-12th Grade)

Youth Bible Study

Adult Bible Study

Turn-Up Tuesday Worship & The Word 

New Member Foundation & Orientation

Children’s Worship Workshop (Toddlers)

Men’s Cave with Christ (A Group Study)

Cafe Chocolat’ Women’s (A Group Study)

Ministries for every generation helps us win! We provide opportunities for people to get connected and serve no matter their generation affiliation. At each level you’ll meet a peer group that can provide meaningful relationship and occasions where you can live out your faith in practical ways for growth.

Ministry to Men’s 

Ministry to Women

Youth Ministry

Young Adult Ministry

Marriage & Family

Senior Adults

Mothers Ministry

When we worship we win! Our Worshipping Arts Department provides opportunity for the expression of gifts and talents in a worshiping environment. Whether its welcoming others, singing to provide an impactful and melodious message, presenting a gospel message through dramatic productions, praising God though dance, using technology to disseminate the worship experience local and abroad or assuring people have a comfortable worship experience, the Worshipping Arts Department renders a great opportunity for you to get connected, worship and grow.

Voices of New Landmark Sanctuary Choir

Praise & Worship Team

Mighty Men of Valor Male Chorus 

Youth Choir

Praise Dance (all ages)

Drama Ministry (all ages, Male & Female)

Media & Technology Ministry


Usher Ministry

First Aid Health

Audio Sound 

When we do good works to help others and share the gospel message, we win! There is truth to the expression “We serve God by serving others.” The goal of outreach and evangelism is to help people win in matters related to life and faith. Here are some practical opportunities for you to help people and the community in relevant tangible ways as an extension of your faith.

Missions / Missionaries

Prayer Ministry

Social Justice & Peace

Bereavement (Counseling)

Scholarship & Education Committee

Male Mentoring & Empowerment 

Youth After School & Summer Program

Affordable Housing (Trustee Ministry) 

Serve at local shelter

When we are good stewards of gifts and support the church, we win!  Stewardship and support ministries help the church function seamless. With every vision, provision is needed for planning, execution, and sustainment. Whether finance or human resources you can get connected and help make the God’s mission for the church a reality.

Club #45 (fundraising)

Floral Club (beautify and bereavement)

Membership Updating Committee

Security Ministry

Funeral Coordinator


When we are not slothful in our business matters, we win. These ministries provide leadership and direction to business/operation strategies of the church. In addition they assist with policies, processes and procedures to ensure that activities are appropriately executed with proper budget considerations, staff, facility management and transportation. They help the church help you get connected.

Board of Deacons

Trustee Ministry (rental property)

Bookkeeping Finance

Church Office Administrator



The pledge we say each week at New Landmark reflects why we choose to give and our desire to be known as generous people:

“We give because we have been blessed
We give because we want to be a blessing to others 
We give because it makes room for more blessing”