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A brief statement of our church history but an general overview of New Landmark; with one main photo of the church or congregation, and a few other photos of congregation life or events

The beginning took place on the third Sunday in January 1946 when a meeting was held at the home of Deacon Sample Lawler located at 2934 W Fulton St. Chicago, Illinois. Soon after, at the home of Sister Ella Mc carthy, a very small group of believers gathered to hold prayer service. Those present were Deacon and Sister Lawler, Deacon and Sister Willie Johnson, Brother and Sister Will Elliott, Brother and Sister Dave McCarthy.

On May 13, 1946, Landmark M. B. Church was organized under the leadership of Reverend Grant Tilford, with approximately 25 members, 4 deacons and 3 trustees.  The Church continued to grow and later moved to a new location at 2300 W. Lake Street, in Chicago.

In 1947, the Church purchased its first building at 1751 W. Lake St., in Chicago. The Church structure consisted of Deacon Sample Lawler as Chairman of the Deacons: an organized Missionary Society: Sunday School and the Willing Worker Club. In 1952, Reverend Tilford resigned as pastor. In February 1953, after serving as acting Pastor, Rev. Joseph Sylvester was ordained and called to pastor.

In 1953, Landmark purchased the lot on the corner of Wilcox & Washtenaw for the site of a new Church home. On November 28, 1954, Rev Sylvester and 35 members marched into the new edifice, becoming the second Baptist Church to be built on the Westside of Chicago. Our current sanctuary and three-story educational building was completed in 1975 at the cost of $400,00. By 1979 the Church was paid in full.

Landmark continued to flourish greatly under the leadership of Rev. Sylvester.  Many clubs & auxiliaries were formed to support and advance the Church.

In July 2000, Minister Cy M. Fields, an associate Minister, became Interim Pastor.  On June 17, 2001, he was unanimously elected as pastor of Landmark. Min. Fields was installed by Reverend Wilson Daniels of United Baptist Church on July 29, 2001.